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NCAA All-Stars

All of the following prizes have been donated by Ontario Basketball

The Monster of the NCAA will receive a trophy as well as a bio, a Nike Basketball Ontario hoodie and also Nike Basketball Ontario shorts.
Every All-Star of the NCAA (1st and 2nd team) will receive personal biographies as well as Nike Basketball Ontario shorts.
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2017 NCAA Monster of the Tournament

Kenny Ngassoue





Kenny Ngassoue is an energy player in the mold of Kenneth Faried.  Running the floor, defending at a high level and dunking the ball are his main skills but recently Kenny has added a reliable 3pt shot to his arsenal.  At 6'-5" Kenny has the athleticism to play the SG or SF positions.  In addition to his love for basketball Kenny is also the reigning OFSAA high jump champion for his age group have cleared 1.85m in his first year competing in the event.  Kenny is a true double threat at a basketball player and emerging track star.  Sky's the limit - hence Kenny's nickname "Sky" Ngassoue

School:  Bill Crothers
Grade:  10
Number:  #22
Height:  6'5"
Position:  Guard/Forward
Tourn AVG:  14 pts/game
Favourite NBA Player:  Jaylen Brown





2017 NCAA Tournament All-Stars


1st Team All-Stars              

Justice Prentice is one of the best two way players from in his class of 2020.  In addition to leading his junior team this year "Juice" also played for the senior team to gain valuable experience at the next level.  Juice was the starting point guard for Team Ontario at last summer's Canada Summer Games.  A strong academic record along with his commitment to improving his game is what defines Juice as a true student athlete.  The future is bright for Juice!

Domeisho Borden has an explosive style of play. He can attack at anytime from anywhere with his freakish speed and athleticism. He was the facilitator, the general, the leader and the quarterback. He is not a traditional point guard because he has a score first mentality, and that's perfectly fine because defenders constantly have to fear his ability to attack the rim. He is the ultimate competitor. The FUTURE is very bright for this young gifted athlete.

Josh Morgan is an inspirational teamate who leads by example both on and off the court. He is a threat everytime he touches the ball with his outstanding 3pt shooting and his ability to dribble drive to the basket with great ball control. Defensively Josh is a character role player and true leader.  His hard work ethic rises above all competitors, fierce and firey.Josh has a tremendous future ahead of him. 

C. Rose is...

 Off the court Jaden Langley-Thomas is a calm and chilled guy but when he steps foot on the court it is straight business.  Jaden Langley is a 5'10 Point Guard for Crestwood Prep. He is in the 8th Grade, Class of 2022 where he was playing up with the 9th and 10th Graders in the Kawartha Classic. Langley-Thomas is a high caliber floor general that makes his teammates better and can score the ball at anytime he wants. Jaden was named the ABS League Player of the Year, and has 4 Tournament MVPs.


2nd Team NCAA All-Stars              

JB Wong  is a solid student and a popular teammate.  He is also a strong rebounder who can also break down his man off the bounce.  He was an all-star at the DY Jr. Jam and always a key factor in our team's success. JB has a very versatile skillset and you can expect big things from him in the years to come.

Rafael Lorin is...

Keon Abrose is a real team leader on the floor.  He quite often leads the Notre Dame team in rebounds and points.  His love of the game is evident whenever he steps on the court. Keon is a versatile player with a skill set that justs keeps getting better and better.  His hard work is the main reason behind his success on the court and I look forward to seeing him as he progresses at the senior level.

Jacob Corby is a grade 9 student who Lasalle is hoping to see back next year. He is a multi-sport athlete who also plays a high level of baseball in Kingston as a pitcher. Jacob's favorite player is Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Jacob is a lengthy 6'1" forward with extreme quickness paired with athleticism and a silky smooth turnaround jumper. He was a vital part of Lasalle's success as city champions and eossaa champions.

A. Siddiqi #30 is the heart and soul of Bradford High School junior boys basketball.  His future aspirations is to play college or university basketball.

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