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NCAA All-Stars

All of the following prizes have been donated by Ontario Basketball

The Monster of the NCAA will receive a trophy as well as a bio, a Nike Basketball Ontario hoodie and also Nike Basketball Ontario shorts.
Every All-Star of the NCAA (1st and 2nd team) will receive personal biographies as well as Nike Basketball Ontario shorts.
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2020 NCAA Monster of the Tournament

Matai Baptise





Matai Baptise   is.... 

School:  Crestwood Prep
Grade:  10
Number:  #32
Height:  6'5"
Position:  Forward
Tourn AVG:  18 pts/game
Favourite NBA Player:  





2018 NCAA Tournament All-Stars


1st Team All-Stars              

Coming Soon is...

Coming Soon is...

Coming Soon is...

Marcus Murrell is a fierce competitor who consistently leads his high school team both on and off the court. He is a very athletic individual both on offense and defense which makes him a difficult player to guard.  His greatest strength is being a force in the paint along with his ability to shoot the three.  He never misses practice and has the same commitment to his studies.  Marcus's demonstrates excellent leadership and this along with his basketball talent makes him an outstanding athlete and a great player to coach.

 Elijah Mahi is blessed with great physical attributes height length and coordination. He can play and guard all 5 positions. In addition he has an excellent work ethic. He will be an excellent Sr.


2nd Team NCAA All-Stars              

Lucas Cino is a very talented player but also is a prime example of how hard work pays off.  You can find him in our school gym most mornings before 7 am all by himself taking shot after shot.  He had an excellent high school season this year that saw him take home All-Star Honors in all 3 Junior Tournaments he played in – the Burlington Assumption Crusader Classic, the prestigious Father Kennedy All Catholic Tournament in Hamilton and now the Kawartha Classic.  His hard work has turned him into a lethal 3 point shooter but also has the ability to get to the basket and finish with contact.  He is an above 80% free throw shooter and for all his offensive abilities is an unselfish player who always makes the extra pass.  He has also worked hard at becoming a better defensive player.  Most importantly Lucas is a straight A student who is always respectful and supportive of his coaches and teammates – the model student athlete.

Tymon Okpalefe is a versatile combo Forward who is a dangerous scorer from  mid-range and around the rim. Not only is he the captain of our team, but he is the heart of our team. Standing at 6'2, he has an aggressive mindset that allows him to overpower other perimeter players. His competitive nature allows him to embrace his physicality as he handles contact well and  finishes with either hand in the post or mid-range. He is a determined player who always seeks ways to make his team better.  His energy is unmatched and contagious. He is our defensive anchor on defense and is in constant communication with his teammates to ensure rotations and switches stay consistent. 

Xaivian Lee is an outstanding student-athlete, who is a team leader the moment he steps on the floor, whether it is for a game or practice.  He is an exceptional shooter from long range, but can also break defenders down off the dribble. He has spectacular court vision and plays the game with a purpose on every possession. Xaivian plays suffocating defense and always displays encourages his teammates. Xaivian is an exceptional young man who will experience much future successes.

 With a silky smooth, sneakily sleepy game in the manner of Tracy McGrady,  Jacob Ralph is an absolute joy to watch play the game and a terror for the opposition.  Ralph has many weapons in his arsenal; he can kill you inside on the glass with good size for his position, drive through the lane and dunk on you, or drop threes in your eyes from all over the court.  He is a strong weak side help defender and with his length and quick hands, Ralph is a tough on the perimeter.  He led his team this season as captain both by setting an example and taking charge when needed. All aspects of the game come easily to him and he never had to be taught something twice. Jacob Ralph has a lot of big time basketball ahead of him.  

Michael Lamourie has a diverse skillset and is a defensive stopper as well. He is a strong rebounder and can score the big hoop when needed. He has great work habits and is a leader on and off the floor. 

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