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NIT All-Stars

All of the following prizes have been donated by Ontario Basketball

The Monster of the NIT will receive a trophy as well as a bio, a Nike Basketball Ontario hoodie and also Nike Basketball Ontario shorts.
Every All-Star of the NIT (1st and 2nd team) will receive personal biographies as well as Nike Basketball Ontario shorts.
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2020 NIT Monster of the Tournament

Aaron Neptune




Aaron Neptune profile is coming soon.

School:  O'Neill CVI
Tourn AVG:   
Favourite NBA Player:  
The Classic:  






1st Team All-Stars              

2020 NIT Tournament All-Stars

Mitchell Tzambazis is the complete package.  His defence is relentless but his true talents lay just outside of the three-point line. Mitchell shooting prowess has brought an offensive tsunami to our squad. He plays without reserve and was a difference maker in winning a LOSSA Tier 2 Championship this season.   The future is looking bright for this young player and the Redhawks.

Brett Wells is a strong player in multiple ways. He is very determined and practices hard to improve his individual skill set. As well, he expects his teammates to perform at their best and is willing to hold both himself and others accountable. In addition, he is physically strong too! He loves to score ‘And one’s!’ and has even scored from both his knees (after a rebound) and from half court (on a buzzer beater) this past season. Brett led his team to a LGSSAA County Championship in 2019 and looks to challenge for EOSSAA and OFSAA in the years to come.

Jahari Williamson is a very positive force on any team he is a part of. He has a very good touch from distance and a good handle. He is a solid defender and a popular teammate because of his approach to the game. He definitely has huge upside moving forward.

Raef Wykes is a slick shooting guard who is as versatile from the three point line as he is driving to the basket. Always looking for a way to get his team involved Raef excels at looking for the open man on the wing or in the post. Always striving to improve his game, defense has become a focus that has improved exponentially as the season progressed. A leader by example that does anything that needs to be done to help the team to win games. Raef is a tireless worker that practices daily to become a top tier player.

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2nd Team NIT All-Stars              

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Coming Soon  is  

Sam Kennie  is a versatile player who can shoot the 3 and take defenders off the dribble. He is a leader who works to stop anyone on the defensive end of the floor. Off the court he is a great example of a student athlete. 

Parker Beatty is a grade 10 guard that has showed over the last two years at St-Mary, a tremendous level of intensity every times he competes.  His ability to make the right choice on the court, makes him an incredible asset for the team.  He can shoot the ball accurately from just about anywhere.  He also is a talented finisher at the rim with a beautiful soft touch.  As a teammate, he excels at delivering the ball right on target at the right moment.  Parker is a positive leader, always ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good of the team.  His tremendous ball I.Q. will make him a force in his SR. high school years.

Xavier Armstrong is a talented offensive player who can score in every way.  He can push the ball up the floor in transition, break defenders down off the dribble to score both left and right and he is a tremendous shooter.  Xavier defends his position extremely well and is a strong rebounder.  Xavier is a quiet leader but works hard to improve his game in practice and his teammates follow suit.  Xavier is an outstanding student-athlete who has a great future ahead of him.  

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